Anyone Can Apply for a Bridging Loan

June 18th, 2012Posted by conner

A bridging loan is a great idea if you need cash quickly, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind when you are applying for this type of loan. The first being that you will be required to provide the lender with some form of collateral to support your loan. This is […]

Bridging Loans – Helping You Complete That Deal

June 15th, 2012Posted by conner

You have found your dream home, you know without a doubt that you have to have it, but as everyone knows to buy a new home you need money. Most people will put their home up for sale to fund the purchase, but they don’t always coincide with each other. A bridging loan will help […]

Can You Afford a Bridging Loan?

May 21st, 2012Posted by conner

When looking at buying a new home most people will sell their old one to fund this, but as most people know it’s not as simple as that, it can take some time for your property to sell. You could come across the property of your dreams but are stuck in a predicament, as you […]

All Bridging Loans Are Secured

May 17th, 2012Posted by conner

Do you want to purchase a new home whilst you current home is up for sale? A bridging loan can help you do this, they will provide you with the money you need to purchase the new property you want, whilst allowing you to leave you old home up for sale so you can wait […]

Bridging Loans – Providing You with the Money You Need

May 1st, 2012Posted by conner

Do you want to purchase a new property? Or are you a developer that needs money to continue with construction work? A bridging loan is designed specifically for these needs, it will provide you with instant financial assistance to buy the home you really want or to allow you to carry on with work that […]

Learn More about Some of the Most Common Uses of a Bridging Loan

April 24th, 2012Posted by conner

With the strain put by the current economic context on people, there is a common tendency for many to get a bridging loan. In the past, these loans were used to purchase a new home before the sale of the old one. But those times are long gone. Nowadays, bridging loans can be taken for […]

Information about a Bridging Loan

April 16th, 2012Posted by buziness

A loan that helps people to borrow money on a collateral, for a short period of time is called a bridging loan. Technically, a bridge loan can be obtained on any type of tangible collateral but in practice, these types of loans are exclusively granted on collateral of property. The property can be residential (both […]