Aspect Fire Solutions

March 5th, 2015Posted by buziness

Well, following on from the article we posted on fire suppression systems on 2nd March, we’ve had quite a lot of people getting in touch asking us if there are any companies we can recommend. As any of you regular readers will know, recommendations is not something we usually do, but seeing as there has been […]

Fire safety systems for businesses

March 2nd, 2015Posted by buziness

No one wants to think about it happening, because it’s a very frightening thing to have to endure, but nevertheless, the possibility that a fire could break out in your business premises is not something you should consider impossible. The truth is that most buildings, even those that have the highest standards for electrical wiring, […]

Invoice Factoring

June 25th, 2014Posted by buziness

Sometimes businesses can struggle to collect payment from their clients when they need it the most. A form of financing that can help if your business is strapped for cash is invoice factoring. Below are a few ways in which this could benefit your company. If you’re a small business chasing payment from clients can […]

Should a Business Use Invoice Finance

April 29th, 2014Posted by buziness

Many people wont really know or may have never really heard invoice financing. It’s a form of financing that businesses can use to help boost their cash flow in times of need. There is plenty of information regarding invoice finance on the Internet that a person can read through to see if this would be […]

How To Find An Invoice Financer

March 21st, 2014Posted by buziness

Most businesses at some point will require some form of financial assistance. Invoice finance is a great option for a business to consider if they require financial help. Firstly a business should find an invoice finance provider they want to work with. The best way to do this is to have a look online. Using […]

Bridging Loan – to Meet Your Short-term Needs

September 25th, 2012Posted by conner

A bridging loan is the loan available to an individual till a longer-term financing is secured. It can also be know as a swing loan, a bridging loan helps you to tide over your current financial obligations. Bridging loans are a short-term lending solution, these can range from anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 years. […]

Applying for a Bridging Loan

September 11th, 2012Posted by conner

There are many alternative names for the bridging loan. They’ve been called “swing loans”, “gap financing”, “interim financing”, and “bridging loans”. But whatever name you give them, they all serve exactly the same purpose and that is getting money to people who require it quickly. They’re trusted for a variety of purposes within businesses and […]

Who Uses Bridging Loans

August 24th, 2012Posted by conner

Bridging loan is a type of short-term loan used for various purposes, but the most common use for this type of loan is for real estate. The period for bridging loans ranges from two weeks to one year, and both individuals and businesses can use bridging loans. Normally, the interest rate for a bridging loan […]

The Costs That Come with Bridging Loans

August 3rd, 2012Posted by conner

With a bridging loan the customer pays the interest for the loan, which in turn works in excess of 1% or more depending on the scale of loan. Whenever you finish the loan, several firms lodge some sort of payment for the shutting down associated with the transaction. Prior to signing any paperwork, make sure […]

Understanding Bridging Loans

July 19th, 2012Posted by conner

Exactly what is it that you need to understand regarding bridging loans and equity? These loans do require financial backing. You must provide assets that are of equal value to the amount you want to lend, and you must be sure you are able to repay the loan. You can use this loan to purchase […]